Golfing in the Algarve

The Algarve is not only very popular with sun worshippers, but also among golfers. For many golfers throughout Europe, golfing in the Algarve is at the top of the list. The density of golf courses in the Algarve is very high at 32. This is not just about quantity, as some of the best golf courses are the Clube de Golfe da Quinta do Lago, Laranjal Golf Course, Dom Petro Old Course and the Vale do Lobo Royal Golf Course.

The most beautiful courses

Many of the best golf courses are located along the uniquely beautiful coastline. There are also some famous golf holes in the Algarve, for example hole 16 on the Royal Golf Course in Vale do Lobe, where players hit their tee shot over a ravine on the 190-yard par-3. Players stand on a cliff and can see over the coast.

To enjoy golf, the Algarve offers great golf hotels, such as the Monte Rei, along with the Amendoeira. The Amendoeira offers two stunning golf courses, the Oceanico O’Connor Junior and the Oceanico Falo Course. But spas and swimming pools can also be used here. In this way, a golf holiday here is sure to be unforgettable. Whereas the Mediterranean climate is very pleasant and much milder than elsewhere, which is due to the Atlantic Ocean. Rain usually falls from November to the end of March, yet the Algarve is the sunniest region in Europe with 3,000 hours of sunshine annually. This is also noticeable in the golf holidays.

But it is not only golf that can be enjoyed here; picturesque beaches also await visitors. Furthermore, the towns of Quarteira, Portimao, Albufeira and Vilamoura invite you to spend wonderful hours here.
Visitors to the Algarve are fascinated by the region every year. The climate serves as the best prerequisite for playing golf, with manageable courses and beginner courses on offer.

A real luxury is Villa Vita Parc, because a perfect golf holiday is not only a pleasant round of golf, but also accommodation with the best comfort. With the Vila Vita Parc, visitors have probably the best hotel in the region at their disposal. This hotel belongs to the Leading of the World Group. But it is not only popular with golfers. The well-known Oceanico Faldo and O’Connor golf courses love right nearby – about five kilometres away. Those who want to enjoy the two-star cuisine can also stay at the hotel all day.

For those who are not here for the first time to play golf, but to improve their golfing skills, for example, will be familiar with the Hotel Dona Filipa. This is probably the best known and oldest golf hotel in the region. It has decades of tradition and its location is unsurpassed. The view leads to the sea. It is specially adapted to the needs of golfers. With upscale standards, it creates an optimal setting for demanding golf games. These are also preferably played on the hotel’s own Pinhairos and San Lorenzo Golf courses. But also the golf courses Quinta do Lago (with a total of six courses) and Vale do Lobo are only a few minutes away by car.

Those who do not want to spend their holidays directly near golf courses but still want to enjoy the highest level of luxury will find many different suggestions. The Robinson Club Quinta da Ria, for example, is a popular destination for golfers who want to head out for a game of golf now and then. With the Quinta de Cima and Quinta da Ria, two courses are located directly nearby and ensure that the golf holiday can concentrate on the essentials. Monte Rei, probably the most expensive and fashionable golf course, is just 15 minutes away from the Robinson Club by car.

The San Lorenzo Golf Course, for example, was opened back in 1988 and benefits from the beautiful Quinta do Lago estate, which gently meanders over the rolling pine forests and showcases a breathtaking landscape.
The 18 holes are located in the beautiful and unspoilt south-eastern corner of Quinta do Lago, bordering the saltwater lagoons and the mouth of the Ria Formosa.

The upcoming interesting events for 2022 are, for example, the golf round on “Salgados” on 10 November or the golf round “Boavista” on 12.11.2022. For those interested, the golf round on “Palmares” will take place on 14.11.2022 starting at 9.00 am.

What is on the programme besides golf?

But the Algarve is not only one of the most popular holiday destinations for golf. The region is much more than just a sunny place. Many tourists visit the Algarve precisely to enjoy the winter sun here. The Algarve also scores with an interesting history.

Within the resort of Algarve there are 24,000 permanent residents. During the summer months, tourists love to come here. The landscape is indescribably beautiful and there are countless corners to discover. The south coast of the resort stretches over 150 kilometres and along the length of the Atlantic Ocean there are more than a hundred beaches that are very luxurious. The Algarve is also known for being the least polluted part of Europe.

The resort is also known for its granite walls and beautiful Roman terraces. There are also ancient monuments that have survived many earthquakes. Many of the holidaymakers travel to the beautiful beaches and rocky coves. Highlights include the lagoon of the Ria Formosa Nature Park near Olhäo or the cliff landscape Ponta da Piedade. For those interested in the history of the region, the old town of Faro is a place to visit. There are many buildings worth seeing here, such as the churches Igreia da Misericordia and Igreia do Carmo. In the city’s local museums, visitors can learn all about traditional life, archaeology and fishing. The hinterland of the Algarve is also worth a visit. Here, the sleepy little town of Silves awaits. It was once the capital of the Moorish Al-Gharb. Today, the archaeological museum and the castle are reminders of past times. This region is also known for its bird diversity. Ibises, titmice, falcons, herons and pigeons can be found here in large numbers. The Serra de Sao Mamede Nature Park in the north-east of the Alentejo region is also a popular place to visit. It offers more than 150 species of birds, many of which nest on site.


The Algarve is by far not only a hot tip when it comes to a perfect golf holiday on the most famous golf courses. The country itself, with all its sights and dream beaches, is also worth a visit. This perfect holiday is also underlined by the fantastic weather. It gives the impression that the sun is always shining in the Algarve.